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Argentinian Senate Passes Bill That Would Tax Assets Held in Foreign Countries, Including Crypto

The Argentinian Senate has approved a bill that would allow the government to tax

Argentinian Tax Agency Supports Creation of Global Crypto Report System to Avoid Evasion

The AFIP, the Argentinian tax agency, is supporting the creation of a centralized system

Argentinian Tax Agency Amps Up Scrutiny for Crypto Traders and Holders With New Requirements

The Argentinian Tax Agency (AFIP) is watching the movements of cryptocurrency traders and holders,

Central Bank of Argentina Prepares New Regulations for Digital Wallets

The Central Bank of Argentina is reportedly working on a new group of regulations

Argentinian Tax Authority Will Be Able to Confiscate Digital Wallets to Collect Tax Debts

The Argentinian Tax Authority (AFIP) will now be able to confiscate the assets that