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‘100x Lower Than L1 Fees’ — Alchemy Integrates Ethereum L2 Product Starknet to Increase Web3 Scalability

According to the startup Starkware, the team’s Ethereum layer two (L2) service Starknet has

Blockchain Industry to Surpass $67 Billion by 2027: Fintech Report Names 2021’s Most Influential Blockchain Companies

Financial technology (fintech) has exploded during the last two years and cryptocurrency and blockchain

Web3 Infrastructure Provider Alchemy Raises $250 Million in Funding Round Led by a16z

Alchemy, one of the leading infrastructure providers for blockchain and web3, has raised $250

Alchemy Pay Drives Crypto Adoption by Bridging Fiat and Crypto Economies

sponsored Digital assets have seen great success as investment tools in recent years, but