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Terra Fiasco Stirs Value Locked in Defi — Lido, Anchor Plummet to Lower Positions

Jamie Redman Jamie Redman is the News Lead at News and a financial

Anchor Protocol’s Earn Rate Adjusts for the First Time, From 19.4 to 18% APY

Following the governance vote that aimed to implement a semi-dynamic earn rate for the

Luna Foundation to Add $100 Million in AVAX to the UST Decentralized Forex Reserve

Following the Luna Foundation Guard’s (LFG) purchase of 5,040 bitcoin on Wednesday, the following

Defi Protocol Anchor to Implement ‘Semi-Dynamic Earn Rate’ Following Governance Vote

On Thursday, the team behind the lending protocol Anchor announced that a proposal has

Anchor Nips at Aave’s Heels as Defi Protocol Becomes Second-Largest Lending Application

While the decentralized finance (defi) platform Anchor Protocol’s native digital asset ANC has gained

Technical Analysis: Record Broken, as ANC Falls Over 20% on Sunday

Following a week-long winning streak, ANC finally fell on Sunday, as crypto bears finally