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Bitcoin Argentina NGO to Take Crypto Education to Schools

Bitcoin Argentina, an NGO dedicated to the promotion and expansion of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Argentinian Senate Passes Bill That Would Tax Assets Held in Foreign Countries, Including Crypto

The Argentinian Senate has approved a bill that would allow the government to tax

Central Bank of Argentina Bans Private Banks From Offering Cryptocurrency Services

The Central Bank of Argentina has taken steps to ban private banks from offering

Survey: Almost Three out of Four Argentinians Are Willing to Purchase Crypto for Investing or Saving Purposes

A new survey, whose results were released earlier this week, has given more insight

Argentinian Digital Bank Brubank Includes Crypto Purchases in Its Platform

Brubank, one of the first Argentinian digital banks approved by the central bank of

Banco Galicia Becomes First Bank to Introduce Crypto Trading in Argentina

Banco Galicia, one of the largest financial institutions in Argentina, has introduced cryptocurrency trading

Argentinian Government Advances the Creation of a National CBDC

The Argentinian government has taken the first steps in the launch of its own

Buenos Aires Confirms It Plans to Allow Citizens to Pay Taxes With Cryptocurrency

Horacio Larreta, the head of the government of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina,

Study: Switzerland Has ‘the Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders’ Worldwide, While France ‘Is the Best Bitcoin Trading Nation’

According to a recent study published by the online investing news and education platform

Survey: Adoption in Argentina Grows, With 12 out of 100 Adults Having Invested in Crypto

Argentinians are very interested in cryptocurrencies, according to a survey made by Americas Markets

Argentinian Securities Regulator Launches Innovation Hub to Discuss Regulated Crypto Investments

The National Securities Commission (CNV), which is the Argentinian securities watchdog, recently launched an

Argentinians Are Now Using P2P Markets to Multiply Their Savings

Argentinians are now discovering that P2P (peer-to-peer) markets can be used to maintain or

Interpol Apprehends CEO of Generation Zoe, an Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam in Argentina

Interpol has managed to apprehend Leonardo Cositorto, the former CEO of Generation Zoe, one

Law Project Presented in Argentinian Senate Proposes to Tax Undeclared Cryptocurrency Held Outside the Country

A new law project presented in the Argentinian Senate is seeking to start a

Argentinian Tax Agency Amps Up Scrutiny for Crypto Traders and Holders With New Requirements

The Argentinian Tax Agency (AFIP) is watching the movements of cryptocurrency traders and holders,

Argentinian Regulator to Propose Anti-Money Laundering Measures for Crypto Firms

The Argentinian anti-money laundering regulator is reportedly working to force cryptocurrency firms to report

Argentinians Criticize IMF Requirement to Slow Down Crypto Adoption in the Country

Argentinian citizens involved in the cryptocurrency industry are criticizing a perceived anti-crypto requirement that

Zapala Free Zone to Offer New Opportunities to Bitcoin Miners in Argentina

The Zapala Free Zone, an area located in Neuquen, Argentina that has the objective

Santander to Offer Loans Backed by Agricultural Commodity Tokens

Santander is developing the possibility of offering loans backed by tokens that are collateralized

Report: Freelance Workers in Argentina Among Most Active in LATAM Receiving Part of Paycheck in Crypto

A recent report states that freelancing is experiencing a boom in Argentina, and also

Central Bank of Argentina Prepares New Regulations for Digital Wallets

The Central Bank of Argentina is reportedly working on a new group of regulations

Argentinian Tax Authority Will Be Able to Confiscate Digital Wallets to Collect Tax Debts

The Argentinian Tax Authority (AFIP) will now be able to confiscate the assets that

Argentinian Government Raises Energy Costs Almost 4x for Cryptocurrency Miners

The Energy Secretary of Argentina eliminated power subsidies for cryptocurrency miners, raising the cost

Judge Orders Argentinian Soccer Association to Drop Binance Deal

A judge has decided to stop the deal the Argentinian Soccer Association (AFA) signed

Strike Arrives in Argentina With USDT Support, No Bitcoin Integration Yet

Strike, a bitcoin-based wallet and exchange service, has landed in Argentina, bringing USDT integration

Argentina-Based Mobile Wallet App Belo Adds Lightning Network Support via Opennode

On Monday, January 10, the Argentina-based mobile wallet company Belo announced that the platform

Argentinian Government Inquires About Energy Bitcoin Mining Companies Use Amidst Power Cuts

The Argentinian government is starting to inquire about the power consumption of bitcoin mining