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Biggest Movers: SOL Slips Again as ATOM Drops 10% to Start the Weekend

SOL was trading lower to start the weekend, as prices slipped on Saturday. This

Biggest Movers: ATOM Remains Close to 1-Year Lows, as DOT Declines 8%

ATOM moved closer towards a one-year low on Wednesday, as prices dropped by nearly

Biggest Movers: FTM Down 12% to Start the Weekend, as ATOM Hits 8 Month Low

FTM was down by as much as 12% to start the weekend, as crypto

Biggest Movers: Monero, Cosmos Slip on Thursday, as Crypto Economy’s Red Wave Returns

With cryptocurrency markets falling on Thursday, XMR and ATOM were two of the biggest

Technical Analysis: Cosmos Decline Continues, as Polygon Surges

Ahead of Wednesday’s FOMC meeting, cryptocurrency markets were once again trading higher, with polygon

Technical Analysis: Cosmos Climbs Higher, While Solana’s Fall Continues

After trading lower for the majority of Monday’s session, cryptocurrency prices were slowly starting