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Majority of Russia’s Financial Pyramids in Q1 Linked to Crypto, Scammers Exploit Sanctions Topic

Many of the financial pyramids identified in Russia during the first quarter of the

World Bank Predicts 3% Gold Price Growth, Expert Says a $3K per Ounce ‘Is More Likely Than Not’

The World Bank has said it expects the price of gold to rise by

Bank of Russia Seeks to Allow Stock Exchanges to Trade Digital Assets

The Central Bank of Russia has recently proposed authorizing traditional stock exchanges to operate

Digital Ruble ‘Much Needed,’ Russia’s Central Bank Says, Won’t Delay Testing

The Central Bank of Russia has emphasized the importance of moving forward with its

Cryptocurrencies Carry Systemic Risks, Threaten Ruble, Bank of Russia Insists

The spread of cryptocurrencies brings significant risks for Russia’s economy, financial stability, and national

Russia’s Central Bank Slashes Benchmark Rate, Pegs RUB to Gold — Ruble Rebounds to Pre-War Levels

Amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the Russian ruble has managed to rebound despite the strict

Bank of Russia Rejects Idea of Using Cryptocurrency to Circumvent Sanctions

The Central Bank of Russia has turned down a proposal to allow the use

Anonymous Claims It Has Released 28GB of Bank of Russia Documents

Hacking group Anonymous has reportedly published a large amount of data allegedly belonging to

Russian Prime Minister, Economy Ministry Support Legalization of Cryptocurrencies

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development have backed efforts

Anonymous Says It Hacked Bank of Russia, Monetary Authority Denies Claim

Anonymous has attacked the Central Bank of Russia (CBR), according to a post on

Idea to Use Digital Ruble as Reserve Currency Circulated in Sanctioned Russia

A call to make the digital ruble a reserve currency has been issued in

Russian Banks Told to Track Crypto-Related Transactions Amid Currency Restrictions

Bank of Russia has recommended commercial banks pay heightened attention to their clients’ transactions

Bank of Russia Allows Sberbank to Issue Digital Financial Assets

Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, has been authorized by the country’s monetary policy regulator to

Russian Bank Run Begins as Ruble Plunges to Record Low Amid Escalating Sanctions

A bank run has started in Russia as citizens rush to withdraw cash amid

Russia’s Finance Ministry Submits Bill to Legalize Crypto Investments, Ban Payments

Russian Ministry of Finance has prepared and submitted a new bill to expand crypto

Russian Finance Ministry to Draft 2 Crypto Laws as Central Bank Prepares Own Bills

The Russian Ministry of Finance has proposed the adoption of two pieces of legislation

Bank of Russia Reports First Successful Digital Ruble Transfers Between Users

Testing of the digital ruble has started in Russia with the country’s central bank

Demand for Mining Equipment Drops in Russia Amid Fears of Possible Ban, Report

Platforms listing ads for mining hardware have been registering declining demand since Bank of

Russians Own $215 Billion in Crypto Suggests Estimate Attributed to Government

Russians may own more cryptocurrency than previously thought, a new estimate reportedly used by

Russian Investors to Pass Exams Before Buying Cryptocurrencies, Draft Law Suggests

A new Russian law may oblige potential crypto investors to take a test before

Russians Aware of Bitcoin Divided on Proposed Crypto Ban, Poll Finds

A new survey has indicated that Russians who have heard about cryptocurrency are deeply

Russian Government Drafts Roadmap to Regulate, Not Ban Crypto, Report Unveils

A roadmap on cryptocurrencies has been prepared by a number of ministries, regulatory bodies,

Putin Urges Government, Central Bank to Reach Consensus on Crypto, Highlights Russia’s Mining Potential

President Vladimir Putin has joined the debate on the future of cryptocurrencies in Russia,

Crypto Ban Proposed by Bank of Russia Met With Opposition in Parliament, Government

The central bank’s push for a restrictive policy regarding cryptocurrencies is not gaining support

No Developed Nation Bans Cryptocurrencies, Telegram Founder Pavel Durov Warns Russia

Pavel Durov, founder of the messaging app Telegram, has criticized Bank of Russia’s proposal

Bank of Russia to Monitor Banks’ Dealings With Crypto Exchangers

The Central Bank of Russia has started to examine the operations of Russian banks

Bank of Russia Proposes Wide Ban on Cryptocurrency Use, Trade, Mining

True to its hardline stance on decentralized digital money, the Central Bank of Russia