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World’s Largest Family-Owned Private Bank Now Offers Crypto Investments via SEBA Bank

On Wednesday, the world’s largest family-owned banking institution, LGT Bank, announced that it has

Eurosystem Seeks Providers of Prototype Payment Solutions for Digital Euro

Eurozone’s monetary authority, the Eurosystem, is looking to enlist financial companies willing to develop

Russian Bankers Suggest Criminalizing Crypto Storage in Non-Custodial Wallets

Keeping cryptocurrencies in non-custodial wallets may be criminalized in Russia, if authorities accept a

Digital Ruble ‘Much Needed,’ Russia’s Central Bank Says, Won’t Delay Testing

The Central Bank of Russia has emphasized the importance of moving forward with its

The Eerie Similarities of Today’s Great Monetary Shift and the Panic-Led Creation of the Federal Reserve System

While many Americans believe the U.S. Federal Reserve is the caretaker of the country’s

Russian Banks Told to Track Crypto-Related Transactions Amid Currency Restrictions

Bank of Russia has recommended commercial banks pay heightened attention to their clients’ transactions

Deutsche Bank to Exit Russia, Says There Will Be No New Business There

Germany’s Deutsche Bank has become the latest financial services giant to confirm it’s leaving

US Banking Giants Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Wind Down Business in Russia

Global investment banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase are winding down business in the

EU Targets Crypto Assets in Widened Sanctions Against Russia, Belarus

The European Union is extending the scope of sanctions introduced in response to Russia’s

Visa and Mastercard Suspend Operations in Russia as Part of Sanctions Over Ukraine

The world’s leading payment processors Visa and Mastercard have joined sanctions against Russia over

Singapore to Impose Restrictions on Russian Financial and Crypto Transactions

In a rare move, Singapore is going to introduce restrictions on certain Russian financial

Ukraine Targets Russian Politicians’ Crypto Wallets as Russian Banks Are Cut From SWIFT

Ukraine is now trying to expose cryptocurrency wallets used by politicians in Moscow amid

Venezuela Might Have Cryptocurrency ATMs Again Soon

While Venezuela has been a leading country for cryptocurrency adoption in Latam, its citizens

Crypto Exchange Binance Joins Expert Center at Russian Banks Association

Digital asset exchange Binance has become the first crypto company to support the Association

Trudeau’s Government Warns More Accounts Will Be Frozen — Freedom Convoy Truckers Hold Their Ground

The Canadian government has warned that more financial accounts and cryptocurrency wallets will be

JPMorgan: Global Regulation Urgently Needed for Banks to Help Clients Invest in Crypto

A globally consistent crypto regulatory framework is urgently needed to allow banks to handle

Bank of Russia Reports First Successful Digital Ruble Transfers Between Users

Testing of the digital ruble has started in Russia with the country’s central bank

Russian Government Approves Plan to Regulate Cryptocurrency

The federal government in Moscow has adopted a concept for regulating the Russian crypto

El Salvador Plans to Offer Crypto Loans to Small-Scale Entrepreneurs

The government of El Salvador will offer cryptocurrency-based loans to small companies. Conamype, the

Russian Banks Begin Testing Digital Ruble Payments

Banks in Russia are preparing to dive into the pilot phase of the digital

Bank of Russia to Monitor Banks’ Dealings With Crypto Exchangers

The Central Bank of Russia has started to examine the operations of Russian banks

Report: Walmart Trademark Filings Hint at Retailer’s Intent to Produce Metaverse and NFT Concepts

According to a recent report, the American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain

NYCB and Group of Banks Join to Launch USDF Stablecoin

A group of U.S.-based banks is launching their own stablecoin, USDF. The stablecoin will

Kazakhstan Shuts Down Banks, Internet Amid Unrest That Threatens Bitcoin Mining, Hashrate

Measures imposed by authorities to quell mass protests in mining hotspot Kazakhstan are affecting

Spain Reduces ATM Numbers to 2002 Levels as Country Moves to Digital Payments

The number of ATMs in Spain has been progressively shrinking to levels the country

Kickstarting the Bitcoin Network: A Look at the Genesis Block and Source Code That Sparked a Financial Revolution

13 years ago today, the anonymous creator of the Bitcoin protocol kickstarted the network

Bank of Russia to Collect Data on Crypto-Related Transactions Between Individuals

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) plans to obtain information from commercial banks pertaining