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Panama President Mulls Crypto Bill Approval Due to Money Laundering Concerns

The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, has declared he will not sign the recently

Trade Minister Expects Russia to Legalize Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies will be eventually legalized, a member of the Russian government has opined. The

Argentinian Senate Passes Bill That Would Tax Assets Held in Foreign Countries, Including Crypto

The Argentinian Senate has approved a bill that would allow the government to tax

Georgia to Unveil New Cryptocurrency Law by This Fall

Authorities in Georgia are now holding discussions with industry representatives to finalize a bill

Bill Regulating Crypto Mining Submitted to Russian Parliament

A draft law tailored to regulate cryptocurrency mining has been filed with the lower

Russian Law Enforcement Submits Proposals to Regulate Seizure of Crypto Assets, Data Sharing

Russian Ministry of Finance has accepted a number of crypto regulatory proposals submitted by

Republic of Ireland to Prohibit Political Cryptocurrency Donations

The government of Ireland is preparing to ban political parties from accepting campaign donations

Bill ‘On Digital Currency’ Caps Crypto Investments for Russians, Opens Door for Payments

Russia’s recently revised bill “On Digital Currency” limits crypto purchases for non-qualified investors while

Draft Law Regulating Aspects of Crypto Taxation Submitted to Russian Parliament

A bill updating Russia’s tax law to incorporate provisions pertaining to cryptocurrencies has been

Cryptocurrencies Carry Systemic Risks, Threaten Ruble, Bank of Russia Insists

The spread of cryptocurrencies brings significant risks for Russia’s economy, financial stability, and national

Russian Finance Ministry Amends Bill ‘On Digital Currency,’ Adds Crypto Mining Provisions

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has revised a draft law designed

President Zelenskyy Signs Ukraine’s Law ‘On Virtual Assets’

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has signed the law “On Virtual Assets” which aims to regulate

Russia Proceeds With Efforts to Legalize Crypto Amid Sanctions Over Ukraine

Authorities in Russia are continuing their work to establish a comprehensive legal framework for

Russia’s Finance Ministry Submits Bill to Legalize Crypto Investments, Ban Payments

Russian Ministry of Finance has prepared and submitted a new bill to expand crypto

Banning Crypto Is Like Banning Internet in Russia, Finance Minister Says Amid Differences With Central Bank

It’s impossible to ban cryptocurrencies in Russia, the country’s minister of finance has stated

European Commission to Launch Digital Euro Consultations in March, Propose Bill Early Next Year

The executive arm of the EU is gearing up to start public consultations on

Russian Investors to Pass Exams Before Buying Cryptocurrencies, Draft Law Suggests

A new Russian law may oblige potential crypto investors to take a test before

Russian Government Drafts Roadmap to Regulate, Not Ban Crypto, Report Unveils

A roadmap on cryptocurrencies has been prepared by a number of ministries, regulatory bodies,

Kosovo Seizes Hundreds of Crypto Mining Machines in Crackdown

Police in Kosovo seized another batch of over 200 mining devices as part of

Estonia Clarifies Upcoming Regulations, Will Not Ban Crypto Holding or Trading

The government of Estonia has approved legislation tailored to improve oversight of its crypto

Ukrainians Offered New Crypto Services, Bitcoin Cards

Along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, Ukrainians are enjoying an expanding range of

Prosecutor General’s Office Wants to See ‘Cryptocurrency’ in Russian Law

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation has insisted that the term “cryptocurrency”

Russia’s Prosecutor General Wants Cryptocurrency Recognized as Property Under Criminal Law

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia has proposed to define cryptocurrency as property in

Kyrgyzstan Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Farm With 2,500 Mining Rigs

Authorities in Kyrgyzstan have uncovered and shut down a large crypto mining farm in

Russian Nationalists Prepare Bill to Regulate Cryptocurrency Mining

Lawmakers from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia are gearing up to introduce a

Digital Transformation Committee Recommends Amended Ukrainian Crypto Law for Adoption

The law “On Virtual Assets,” Ukraine’s attempt to regulate its growing crypto space, has

Estonia Considers Revoking Crypto Licenses as Government Mulls Tougher Regulations

Authorities in Estonia are working on new legislation expected to stiffen the rules for