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Onchain Analysis Report Says Terra’s Bitcoin Reserves Were Sent to Binance and Gemini

After the collapse of Terra’s once-stable coin terrausd (UST), a number of people wondered

Vaneck Report Calculates Bitcoin Price Could Tap $4.8M if BTC Becomes the Global Reserve Currency

On Thursday, the investment firm Vaneck published a blog post that calculates how much

BTC Liquidity Tightens as Bitcoin Held by Exchanges Hits 6-Month Low

While the price of bitcoin is 38% lower than its $69K price high three

5 Crypto Exchanges Custody 1.6 Million Bitcoin or Close to 8% of the Capped Supply

As of December 12, around 90% of all the bitcoin that will ever exist

El Salvador’s President Tells Peter Schiff Benefit of Switching Gold Reserves to Bitcoin

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has revealed that his country holds 44,106

Despite Negative Press, Binance Is Still the World’s Largest Crypto Spot and Derivatives Exchange

While Binance has had a few issues with payment service providers and regulators from