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Kazakhstan Police Shut Down Another Crypto Farm Amid Ongoing Crackdown on Mining

Law enforcement officers in Kazakhstan have busted another mining facility as they continue to

Miners Have Moved 30% of Their Equipment Out of Kazakhstan, Industry Organization Claims

Authorized crypto mining businesses have already taken a third of their coin minting hardware

More Regulations Proposed to ‘Streamline’ Mining Sector in Kazakhstan

Authorities need to expand the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency miners, a member of the

Single Mining Farm Needs as Much Power as 24,000 Homes, Kazakhstan Estimates

Authorities in Kazakhstan have calculated the energy used in the country’s crypto mining industry

Iran Shuts Down More Illegal Crypto Farms, Bringing Total to Over 5,300

Authorities in Iran are continuing their crackdown on unauthorized cryptocurrency mining as electricity demand

Iran Seizes 3,000 Crypto Mining Devices in a Week

Authorities in Iran have confiscated 3,000 units of mining hardware in just one week