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Indian Crypto Industry Seeks Tax Clarity in Union Budget 2022-23

An Indian industry association has written to the country’s finance minister seeking clarity on

Ruling Party Sources Deny Plan to Levy 40% Tax on Crypto Yields in Turkey

The government in Turkey does not intend to impose a 40-percent levy on crypto-related

Pakistan Freezes Over 1,000 Accounts and Cards Used For Crypto Trading

Authorities in Pakistan have reportedly moved to seize hundreds of bank accounts and cards

Bank of Russia to Collect Data on Crypto-Related Transactions Between Individuals

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) plans to obtain information from commercial banks pertaining

Bank of Russia Wants to Restrict Crypto Investments by Blocking Card Payments, Report Reveals

The Central Bank of Russia is currently reviewing various ways to prevent Russians from

Serbia Reviews License Applications From 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Three crypto exchanges have applied for licensing in Serbia, which recently adopted legislation regulating

100 Companies Fail to Obtain Crypto Licenses in Singapore Due to Tough Regulation

More than 100 companies that applied for a license to offer crypto services in

Visa Partners With 60 Crypto Platforms to Let Consumers Spend Digital Currency at 80 Million Merchants

Visa’s head of crypto has revealed that the payments giant has partnered with about

Russia to Decide Between Full Ban and Legalization of Crypto Investments, Trade

Authorities in Russia are discussing two very different approaches to the regulation of cryptocurrencies

5 Crypto Exchanges Custody 1.6 Million Bitcoin or Close to 8% of the Capped Supply

As of December 12, around 90% of all the bitcoin that will ever exist

Korean Officials Quit Jobs to Join Crypto Industry, Lawmaker Reveals

Public officials in South Korea are increasingly choosing career opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector.

Australia to Regulate Crypto Sector as Part of Payments Reform

The government of Australia is preparing to comprehensively regulate the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges

Russia to Decide Fate of Crypto Exchangers in 2022

Discussions on the future of “virtual currency exchangers” in Russia should be completed in

Uzbekistan Allows Residents to Trade Cryptocurrencies on Local Exchanges

Changes to the rules governing activities of crypto exchanges in Uzbekistan now allow residents

US Senator Asks Coinbase, Gemini, Binance, Tether How They’re Protecting Consumers

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has sent letters to cryptocurrency exchanges and stablecoin issuers, including

Kazakhstan Senate Adopts Legislation Subjecting Crypto Platforms to Financial Monitoring

The Senate in Kazakhstan has approved amendments aimed at preventing the legalization of illicit

Kazakhstan Imposes Purchase Limits on Retail Crypto Investors

Authorities in Kazakhstan have introduced restrictions on the amounts of cryptocurrency retail investors can

Up to 12 Million Iranians Own Cryptocurrency, Traders Choose Local Exchanges

Cryptocurrencies are a popular investment among Iranians and estimates suggest that the number of

Federal Security Service of Russia Seeks Powers to Obtain Information From Crypto Platforms

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has issued a draft order allowing

Digital Transformation Committee Recommends Amended Ukrainian Crypto Law for Adoption

The law “On Virtual Assets,” Ukraine’s attempt to regulate its growing crypto space, has

Kazakhstan Expects $1.5 Billion From Crypto Mining in 5 Years, Estimates Suggest

Crypto miners now bring more than $230 million into the economy of Kazakhstan each

As the Crypto Economy Nears $3 Trillion, Top 10 Crypto Exchanges Hold Over $206B, More Than 7%

The crypto economy has come awfully close to nearing the $3 trillion handle as

SEC Commissioner: True Decentralized Projects Pose a Challenge to Crypto Regulation

A commissioner with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says that true decentralized

US Launches National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team to Prosecute ‘Criminal Misuses of Cryptocurrency’

The U.S. has launched the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team, an initiative of the Department

CFTC Charges 14 Trading Platforms Offering Crypto-Related Investments

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has charged 14 trading platforms that claim to

10 Crypto Exchanges File for Registration With Korean Regulators Ahead of Deadline

Cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have until midnight on Friday to register with financial

US Treasury Targets Crypto Exchanges in Whole-of-Government Effort to Counter Ransomware

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has taken actions targeting cryptocurrency exchanges “responsible for