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Fed’s Minutes Report ‘Bludgeons’ Global Markets — Stocks, Crypto, Precious Metals Slip in Value

Minutes from the U.S. Federal Reserve’s policy meeting on December 14-15 show that the

Global Central Bank Gold Holdings Rose to 36,000 Tons in 2021, Increase Attributed to Dollar’s Decline

The total quantity of gold held in reserves by central banks topped 36,000 tons

Wharton’s Professor Warns About Inflation, Predicts Many Rate Hikes, Says Bitcoin Has Replaced Gold for Millennials

A finance professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has warned

Swiss Bank Seba Launches Regulated Gold Token, Aims to Bolster ‘Digital Ownership of Physical Gold’

On December 15, FINMA-licensed Swiss bank, Seba, announced the launch of a gold token

Egyptian Billionaire Remains Bullish on Gold, Says It’s Wrong to Compare Precious Metal to Bitcoin

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris has said he remains bullish on gold and has no

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Invests in Crypto Because ‘There Could Be Millions of Greater Fools Out There’

The host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer, has some advice for crypto investors. “As

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Now Prefers Crypto Over Gold as Inflation Hedge

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones says that bitcoin is currently “winning the

Coingecko Publishes Q3 Crypto Report — BTC Outperformed Every Major Asset Class, Altcoins Decouple

On Thursday, the crypto asset aggregation portal Coingecko published the firm’s 2021 third-quarter report

Bitcoin Is Now World’s 8th Most Valuable Asset — BTC Now Targets Silver’s $1.31T Market Cap

The price of bitcoin had crossed the $60K zone at 1:30 a.m. (EST) early

Poland’s Central Bank Says It Will Add 100 Tons of Gold to Existing Holdings in 2022

The Polish central bank, the National Bank of Poland (NBP), is reportedly planning to

How Henry Ford Envisaged Bitcoin 100 Years Ago — A Unique ‘Energy Currency’ That Could ‘Stop Wars’

55 days from now will be the hundred-year anniversary of when the American industrialist

Gold Spikes on US Debt Fears — Finance Portal Disowns End-of-Year Gold Price Prediction

While the price of bitcoin has surged during the first few days of October,

Evergrande Losses Sparks Fear of Looming Credit Contagion, Janet Yellen Asks to Raise US Debt Ceiling

Global investors have their eyes peeled on the Evergrande Group or the Evergrande Real

Poll: 3 Out of 4 Russian Investors Would Rather Buy Cryptocurrency Than Gold or Fiat

An overwhelming majority of Russian investors view cryptocurrencies as a more attractive investment proposition

The 50th Anniversary of ‘Nixon Shock:’ How Suspending the Dollar’s Convertibility With Gold Fueled Today’s Fiat World

Approximately 50 years ago today, Americans were introduced to ‘Nixon Shock’ when the 37th

Barrick Gold CEO Says ‘No One Believes in Fiat Currencies Anymore’

The South African businessman and CEO at Barrick Gold Corporation, Mark Bristow, recently explained

US Consumers Expect Inflation to Continue Rising Sharply According to the Fed’s Latest Survey

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published the Survey of Consumer Expectations report

Gold Rebounds After Sunday’s Flash Crash — Price Slide Blamed on Thin Trading Conditions, Leverage, Covid

The price of an ounce of gold dropped dramatically this week, slipping under the

Precious Metals Firm Kitco Launches Gold-Backed Tokens Built on Ethereum

On August 4, the precious metals firm Kitco Gold announced the launch of a

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Gold Spikes Higher as Fed’s Minutes Report Looms, Central Bank Bullion Purchases Begin to Swell

After a long break, monthly purchasing data shows that central banks are buying gold

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Bitcoin Still Commands the 9th Largest Market Capitalization in the World

Despite the drop in value during the last three months, the leading crypto asset